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What is DVI?
DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface. DVI cables are used to connect a video signal from computers to LCD monitors, HDTV displays, projectors, and cable boxes.

What are the different types of DVI connectors?
DVI-Digital (DVI-D) Shop for DVI-D Cables

DVI-Analog (DVI-A) Shop for DVI-A Cables

DVI-Integrated (DVI-I) Shop for DVI-I Cables

What is the difference between DVI-D, DVI-A, and DVI-I?
DVI-D cables carry a digital video signal. DVI-A cables carry a high-quality analog signal. DVI-A is NOT compatible with DVI-D. DVI-I cables have the flexibility to carry either DVI-D or DVI-A signals.

Is there one DVI connector that any cable can plug into?
Yes. Since DVI-I can support any DVI format, a DVI-I female connector will support any DVI male cable. The connector looks like:

DVI-I Female

What does single link or dual link mean?
DVI-D and DVI-I connectors come in single link and dual link formats.  Dual link DVI has more pins and allows for a higher resolution and faster refresh rates. Single link can display up to 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz and dual link can display up to 3840x2400 @ 41 Hz.

What if I have a cable but need to a different plug to fit my device?
You may be able to use a DVI adapter. Shop for DVI Adapters. Even with an adapter you cannot convert DVI-A or VGA to DVI-D. It is not possible to do with a cable or adapter.

Can I connect DVI-D compatible monitors to VGA devices?
No. DVI-D is 100% digital and is not compatible with VGA. VGA is only compatible with DVI-A or DVI-I devices.

What is the longest DVI cable I can buy?
This is a complicated issue and may depend on the device. The DVI specification is only for 5 meters (16 feet); however we sell many longer cables that display the desired image perfectly. For longer cables we use thicker wire. For very long lengths you may need a repeater. If you have a lot of distance between the device generating the images and your display and would like our opinion, please give us a call @ 800 278 4002 or email

What if I need DVI on one end of the cable and something else on the other?
There are many different types of digital connecters.  Please refer to our Digital Video Connection Guide for the appropriate cable with different connectors at each end.

What is HDCP and are your DVI cables HDCP compatible?
DVI is compatible with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) Specification 1.10.  HDCP is a digital rights management protocol to control content that travels across DVI and HDMI. In the future high definition content may be 'downscaled' or not displayed at all if it is not displayed in a HDCP compliant manner. For instance, component cables are not HDCP compliant, so any signal from a device displaying HDCP content may be downscaled or not shown if using component video cables.

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