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FireWire FAQ

What is FireWire?
FireWire is a high-speed serial bus interface for transfer of digital data. It is also called i.Link or IEEE 1394.

Where can I find FireWire ports?
FireWire ports can be found on almost all DV and MiniDV camcorders, many PCs, and some TVs, DVD players, music recording hardware, and digital audio receivers.

How many kinds of FireWire ports are there?
There are 3 formats of FireWire ports: 4-pin, 6-pin and 9-pin.

Can I convert FireWire to USB?
No. FireWire cables is not compatible with USB. FireWire cables are also not compatible with VGA, DVI, or HDMI cables.

My device doesn’t have FireWire written anywhere on it, do I even have FireWire?
You might. The best solution is to look for a distinctive FireWire port.  FireWire ports are not always labeled ‘FireWire’. Sometimes they are labeled DV, IEEE1394, 1394, i.Link or .

To find out if you have a FireWire port on your computer running Windows 98se and above, click on Control Panel, then Network Connections (or Network & Internet Connections.) Look for an icon labeled 1394 Connection. That's your FireWire port!

What does a FireWire port look like?
On camcorders and some other electronic devices, the port is a 4-pin port and looks like:

On most PCs and some other electronic devices, the port is a 6-pin port and looks like:

Some computers and some peripheral devices have a 9-pin port which looks like:

9-pin ports are quite rare, except on Macs.

OK, I found the ports on my 2 devices how do I find the correct cable.
FireWire cables come in all possible combinations to connect 2 devices:

4-pin to 6-pin cables
4-pin to 4-pin cables
4-pin to 9-pin cables
6-pin to 6-pin cables
6-pin to 9-pin cables
9-pin to 9-pin cables

I don't have FireWire on my computer but I want to use FireWire - what should I do?
You will have to add a FireWire port to your computer.

If you have a desktop computer you need to buy a FireWire PCI card.
If you have a laptop you need to buy a FireWire PCMCIA card.

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