You can try different techniques in distributing an audio signal to a number of outputs.

For example, you can divide a mono source into two mono outputs, listen to the same audio signal simultaneously on two stereo outputs, or split a stereo signal over two mono devices.

However, each technique will require a different kind of audio splitter.

Hence, it is crucial to ensure that you buy the correct type of splitter depending on how you intend to use it.

Here are some specs worth considering when buying audio splitters:

1. Stereo and Mono

When you split audio, it means that you will be taking it apart. For example, if your signal has two channels or a stereo signal, you can use a splitter to divide or split the audio into two mono channels.

An audio splitter can also copy a stereo signal to two stereo outputs. What happens is that the audio is broadcasted to the different outputs without actually splitting the sound.

Using an audio splitter prevents obvious signal loss due to the short signal path. However, you will need other tools if you intend to distribute sound to several devices.

2. Audio splitter – male and female

The process of splitting audio depends on the type of connectors used. Therefore, you need to ensure beforehand if you have a male or a female connector.

For example, if you intend to connect cables since the sound source is far from the output, you must utilize female connectors.

On the other hand, you will need single male connectors if you only want to split the sound coming from your mobile to a recorder or an amplifier.

There are times when using female connections helps in bridging the sound coming from equipment already connected to several male connectors. The standard size of an audio splitter, whether male or female, is 6.3mm or the mini size of 3.5mm.

3. Multi-pole

Although many audio splitter connectors look similar, they vary in their technical aspects. Aside from stereo, mono, male, or female, you have to look more closely at the functions of these connectors before buying one.

It is vital to know how many poles there are to determine the kind of splitter you require. The pole or contact point comes in three types – tip, sleeve, and ring.

By knowing how many poles there are, you will understand what plug you ought to deal with. However, certain products, although not the industrial types, could be tricky to determine.

Such products may have soldered a stereo plugin in a way that it looks like a mono. Therefore, you should carefully read the product description and make an informed choice depending on the function.

4. Extra features

Some connectors are gold plated to attain the highest quality of sounds. However, many technical people doubt this claim and instead believe that the gold plating helps in preventing corrosion. For the signal to improve when split, you have to ensure that all parts of the chain of the splitter have gold-plated contacts.

Another extra feature to look into is the length of the cable. Ensure that you look closely at the quality of the cable of an audio splitter to determine if it is short. It will also help to read through the product information to learn if the splitter is extra-shielded.

Additionally, it can be helpful to use a separate volume control for every output when splitting audio. This can be done using splitters with short cables. Through this, you can split the audio coming from your PC into two different headphones, each having its own volume control.

5. Toslink Audio Splitter

While the products and aspects featured above are used to split analog audio signals, it is also possible to split audio signals in digital form. A digital sound can be transported optically or electrically.

You will need a Toslink splitter to split optical digital signals. You can also get splitters if you intend to split one signal into two or even four receivers.

It is crucial to remember that there are always two receivers and a solo transmitter. You have to use a digital audio switch in combining signals coming from several sources to a single output.

Top Audio Splitters to Consider

While most splitters in the market are not pricey, it is best to ensure that you are buying the right type that fits your requirement before placing an order.

This way, you can easily test the product and use it accordingly after receiving what you bought.

Here are some of the best-buy products when it comes to coax splitters:

  • Syncwire Headphone splitter for tablets, switch, PS4, phone, and more
  • POSUGEAR 3.5mm Mic and Headphone Adapter splitters for MP3 players
  • VENTION Mic Headphone splitter and Adapter Female 3.5mm
  • Nylon braided Syncwire headphone splitter
  • UGREEN Headphone Splitter 2- Way headphone

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