Ethernet Cable Buying Guide and Reviews

A wireless connection may be handy, more accessible, and a great choice when you don’t want to deal with wiring . Still, in many places around the world, these connections tend to suffer from different kinds of interferences resulting in weak or intermittent signals.
For this reason, more and more people prefer an ethernet cable, especially when they need internet connection for school or work purposes. What’s more, Ethernet offers faster and more stable connection when compared to Wi-Fi.

All about the Network Wall Socket

One of the most important components of a computer network is a UTP wall socket or a network wall socket. With this product at hand, you can eliminate fixed network cabling in a tidy manner.
Although cables are among the most important things in a computer setup, they may be a culprit for a messy network.
With the use of these boxes, you can organize all your cables whether they are used or unused. You must buy the right kind of this product depending on your requirement.
First, you …

Everything You Should Know About the CAT8 Cable

The standard CAT8 cable was developed mainly for use in data centers. The CAT8 cable uses less power than CAT7 but delivers the same data rates, 25 GB and 40 GB. You can get the cable in two versions:

CAT8.1 – This cable comes with an RJ45 connector and has at least one shield (U/FTP) surrounding all wire pairs
CAT8.2 – The CAT8.2 version comes with a GG45 connector and has at least two (S/FTP) shielding layers. Every pair of its wire has a shield, and another shield surrounds all wire pairings.

Uses of a CAT8 Cable