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dCables Customer Feedback (Page 2)

dCables Customer Feedback

Wow, this shipment arrived in 1 business day! Thanks dcables. I purchased a digital camera for my work and the USB cable was not included. I ordered the cable on Friday and it arrived on Monday. What a lifesaver!


Thank you very much for processing my return. I appreciate your willingness to remediate the situation.

La Vernia Police Department

Well I can confirm their mission statement is 100% fact. I just purchased a new Sony digital camcorder and needed a firewire cable to connect it to my PowerBook G4.

A search of the web showed numerous part #'s and limited descriptions as to what cables were available BUT none explained the difference and showed diagrams and pictures to make certain I was ordering the right cable. The Sony manual stated a 4 pin x 4 pin was what was needed (end of story).

A check with Sony and several brick and morter establishments put the cables out of my budget - they all wanted in excess of $35 for one cable. Well my surfing took me to dCables and a cross reference table to what cable I needed along with diagrams and pictures to make certain that the cable connectors would match up to my Sony and Mac. Cost of the cable was $6.95 and First Class Postage.


I just wanted you to know I received the replacement cable on Monday, Aug 14 and it works fine. I mailed the defective back to you on Tuesday, Aug 15 using your mail back label.

Thank you for your prompt service.

I just want to take a moment to say that your on line service is some of the best I have encountered and I do quite a bit of purchasing on line. I not only got your instant order confirmation message but was able to track the shipment progress and then received an email once the package was delivered. If all companies took your approach to on line business, bricks and mortar stores would be in trouble.

Thanks for doing it right!

Thank you for your prompt service and the update. DCables work ethic is to be admired, and I will absolutely recommend you!
It is a pleasure doing business with you.


Thank you!

I have been very impressed with the way my on line order has been taken care of. I feel very comfortable with your web service and your constant e-mails showing the progress of my order. I will defiantly recommend your website to my friends I am very impressed.


I work for the NEW Verizon entity, Verizon Business. Because of your quick service, I will nominate your company for our Verizon Logistics Small Business Partner status. Once in the system, then Verizon Communications can start using your company for cabling needs.


Let me say, that dealing with your business was a most pleasurable experience.

The purchase was easy, the prices reasonable, the records detailed, the shipment quick, the product exactly as advertised. (how unusual is that nowadays!!)

I wish you sold more stuff, so I could have the excellent experience of buying from you again!


Dcable people,

You did some magic to get me my cables so quick, for a good price...and they WORK! (I was having a hard time locating this cable).


Dear Sir,

Thank You, for the Great service, I am telling all my friends and family about your cable company. I live in a small town and I could not find any store that sold my Nikon coolpix Cable.

Thank You,

Dear Support Team-

Thank you so much for dealing with my confusion. Thanks for both emailing AND phone-calling to reach me regarding this order - I really appreciate your effort.

Best regards,

To Support:

I received both cables quickly and in perfect condition. We tried them both out and they work great - at about 1/3 the price of Best Buy. I called before I ordered for additional information and you were courteous and helpful. Your site is also quite helpful with pictures and descriptions which clearly show the type of cable I needed.

Please use my comments if you wish as a positive referral.


I want to extend to your company a very big THANK YOU for customer service.

Your tech guy helped me out in selecting the product I needed, but foremost he was patient and understanding! I can get so confused not knowing what I need when it comes to electronics...

okay so this stuff is more than confusing to me. I am so happy that dcables was clear in explaining the function and application of my order. I can tell you what a "RARE JEM" your company is, especially when it comes to online businesses. Most lack customer service! I expect to receive my item in a few days and I intend on leaving a review of the product. I certainly will be referring friends and family to your site.

It would be nice if you could include a customer feedback page so that I could leave this testimonial on your site some place for others to read.

Thank you,

I somehow misplaced my camera cable and made various trips to the mall to retrieve one. I couldn't believe the company I bought my camera from no longer made the cable.

I'm glad I found your web page. Thanks so much for your prompt service. I will reccomend you highly.

Thank You,

Dear Charlie,

Thank you very much for your email, phone call, and kind attention to this matter. I greatly appreciate your support, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Your customer service is out of sight !! Thank You for taking the time to save me $20+ and getting me the right cable. I will refer my friends to your site and I will put it under "Favorites" in my pc.


Thanks for the quick response. The Powerbook has a DVI-I Dual Link port but I guess I better wait and make sure what the TV has. It will be here by tomorrow. I will definitely be back to buy a cable from you guys.

I am also sending your page link to my friends in the pro video/photography/computer community around the Gulf Coast area.


Thanks so much for the quick response. This seems to be rare these days!

Order has been placed. Look forward to receiving your prouduct. Keep up the great customer service.

Thanks again,

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived yesterday!! WOW, are you guys ever SPEEDY! Thanks bunches for getting my Canon cable to me so quickly! You can bet I will spread the good word to my associates so that you may gain more business!

I was really worried about choosing a company that I knew nothing about to place an order, but my fears have been relieved!


Thank you for re-shipping my order. The re-shipment arrived today and is exactly what I needed.

Again, thanks for good customer service!

Dear Sirs:

With a web-site this efficient and immediate shipping how can a customer go wrong. It will be a pleasure doing business with you again and be assured that I will highly recommend you to others.

Thanks ever so much!

I wanted to thank you folks for great customer service on my recent order.

My cable company said my tv box had a HDMI plug on the back of the box which it didn't. It had a DVI plug. I bought an adapter for the cable I purchased from you and is working great with my HD TV.

Thanks again for the great customer service and I will always recommend your company to family and friends.



Your company is kindly patiently help me find HDMI cable. Good communication and a fast handling/shipping :-)

Best regards

The cable came today, and we are extremely satisfied.

dCables is much cheaper and easier to use than Best Buy or Circuit City.

Thanks Again,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cable was for my daughter Polly's Polaroid camera. She messed up the cable and no one- and I mean no one- Radio Shack, CompUSA, or Office Max had one. My husband bought a one that didn't work from some store ($30) - don't think he returned it. I bought one at CompUSA that didn't fit ($26) but I returned it.

The next week, Polly was on the internet during school and found your site and emailed me at work. Yours was easy to find and the cable works perfect.I have told most of the IT people at work about your site!

You will be getting a lot of word of mouth advertising here in the Cleveland Ohio area.

Thanks again!

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